Trust, transparency, open communication and respect. These are the values you can expect from Ripley Beckman. They serve as our touchstone as we work with clients through every stage of the construction process.

Initial Interview

The initial interview gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and to learn more about your project and your expectations. And it gives you a chance to get to know our capabilities and determine whether we are people you would feel comfortable working with.


Coming up with a budget is a team effort. We will identify the subcontractors that are the best fit for the project and solicit bids. We will also work closely with you, helping you understand the costs of different options and working to keep your project within your budget.


We can use a standard 27-page American Institute of Architects contract or a one-page basic agreement, whatever works for you. Most clients prefer cost-plus pricing, but we can also use fixed price or guaranteed maximum price agreements.

During Construction

Expect a lot of talking during construction, on the phone, in person, and on the job site. While texts are great for setting up meetings and emails for transferring documents, conversation is the most effective way for groups to explore options and reach a decision.

The Punch List

We’ll put together a punch list as the job draws to an end, but we won’t close the project until you are confident that everything is to your satisfaction. Although we offer a one-year warranty, you can count on us coming back if something we’ve worked on fails prematurely.