We see the homes we build and renovate not only as technical challenges, but as the physical expression of our clients’ aspirations. Every person has a different vision of what that home might look or feel like. Our job is to realize it.

Additions and Renovations

“It’s all about doing right by other people.” – Chris Sigrist

Ripley Electric Company

“It’s all about doing right by other people.” – Chris Sigrist

A Career in Carpentry or Electrical(or other trades…...)

“It’s all about doing right by other people.” – Chris Sigrist

Beginner's Mind

“I like doing things I’ve never done before – Doug Zink”

A Letter from Doug Zink

Founder and Carpenter

At Ripley Beckman we begin each project, big or small, in the same way. We listen to our clients and get to know them and their vision.

Then we start the process of tearing their home to shreds and rebuilding it in a whole new way. We do this in such a way that our clients not only hire us again but become life-long friends.

Behind everything we build are the values of taking responsibility, team work, clear communication and dedication to quality. This guides every decision we make. It’s how we connect the past and future through our actions today and ensure that our work stands up to the test of time.

It makes sense to us that if we pass our skills and values on to the next generation that they, and the world as a whole, will benefit. It may even spark a return to old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Over the years, we have created a program to provide an alternative path to a fulfilling future for carpenters and future business owners. We call this process Project Independence and train interested team members while they’re on the job.

We’ve been working in private residences in the Charlottesville area for over twenty years and are so grateful to our clients.


Audio Conversations

If you are considering joining us as a client and future friend, you might like to hear our team discuss topics around construction excellence (below). You can also tune in to Doug’s conversations with our clients to hear their experiences working with Ripley Beckman in their own words.

Project Independence

The whole team talks about Project Independence, a program that is part on-the-job experience and part formal training. Doug compares Chris to the Master Carpenter as described by Samurai Miyamoto Musashi in his The Book of Five Rings. We discuss how we adhere to the simple principle of “do right by others.”

Leading in Construction During Covid

Chris and Doug talk about life in the construction business during COVID, the pathways of professional development offered at Ripley Beckman, what it is like to work with us in your home, how we are quite different from many others, and Chris’ view on things.

Living the Four Agreements

Chris, James and Doug discuss the book The Four Agreements, a Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz. We talk about how these agreements guide everything we do as we work to bring our clients’ visions into reality and keep our team aligned.