Over the past twenty-plus years

we have built, restored, renovated, reimagined and revived all kinds of structures, indoors and out — including completely replacing the foundation of a three-story apartment building while all the residents carried on with their daily lives undisturbed!

For the first fifteen years or so, none of us carried a camera, nowadays we have more support in capturing the images that tell the stories of our work, and the hands that team up to create such beautiful and durable living spaces.

No matter what we are bringing to life, each new project begins with the same process, which is slowing down and listening to our clients.

Behind each restoration, new home, bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, veranda, addition or whole house renovation lies many conversations that all have the single goal of bringing your dream into reality.

Below you will see a handful of such projects. 

“When you are working in or adding on to an older home, even with the best laid plans, you end up making a ton of decisions with your builder at every point in the process. Doug, Chris and James are impeccable partners in making these decisions. They are a part of the creative process from start to finish. It’s just one of many reasons I feel so fortunate to have Ripley Beckman restoring my old house.”

~ Kitter Bishop 

“My goal was to build a small unique home, not just a house, Doug and Chris knew the difference.”

~ Tom Z.