Fine Building in the Heart of Charlottesville

Building Leadership, Building Lives

When we come into your home to bring your vision to life, not only are we committed to doing it right, we are building lives. For over twenty years, working in our hometown of Charlottesville, we’ve learned what it takes to be leaders in the building and remodel field. We’re now passing that knowledge on to the younger generation, giving them an opportunity to become the next artisans who uphold the traditional values of work that stands the test of time, quality and craftsmanship. In a world that often takes the easy way, we take every step with intention and purpose. Our goal is to satisfy our clients so completely with the quality of our work, our commitment to time-tested values, and our respectful team, that they will deliberately seek us out again.

Doug Zink, Founder

There's a magic to the creativity involved in each new project.


Project Independence

We created Project Independence to address two interrelated problems. As contractors, our greatest challenge is finding skilled employees who share our work ethic. As members of the Charlottesville community, we also know that there are very few options for people who like working with their hands to get a start, better themselves and then establish a fulfilling career. We integrated Project Independence into our company as a way of providing tradesmen with an alternate path to college.

Ripley Electric

Due to our love of learning new things, we created our own electric company. Under the supervision of a master electrician with decades of experience, we built ourselves up from beginners to not only serving our own construction company, but also providing services for both residential and corporate clients. Click to find out more about our company and services.

Beginner’s Mind

We created Beginner’s Mind as a means of pairing beginners with experienced craftsmen in the building trades and other hands-on endeavors. Our purpose is to allow beginners to build skills and follow their interests through supervised, hands on experience and to instill in the experienced craftsman a beginner’s mind. Our motto is, “No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new.” Currently, we are renovating vintage trailers and loving every minute of it.

Chris Sigrist, Company Manager

There is no substitute, and no better feeling, than doing it right and doing right by the client.


Stony Point Pass--15

John D'earth

``Working with these guys was something like magic.``

JD Goode

``The team became like family. I was crying bittersweet tears on our final day -- so grateful and so sad to see them go.``

Abbey Love

``I can't recommend the RB team highly enough. We're trying to think up new projects so we can work together again.``

Conversations with Doug Zink (founder)

Years ago, I realized that our clients are tied together by two things: they are nice people, and they love their homes.

These “clients-who-became-friends” interact with respect and thoughtfulness with the different people who are in and out of their houses and lives.

They endure the huge stress of having their homes temporarily destroyed while answering a million questions from us as we re-build their environment.

In spring 2021, I started interviewing our “clients-who-became-friends” about the experience of loving your home, what makes working with our company enjoyable and what it’s like to work with the youngest members of our team.

Two conversational threads have emerged.

The number one theme that stands out for me is What it takes to master a skilled art — whether you’re a carpenter, jazz musician, surgeon, engineer or professor.

Another theme is The value of a face-to-face conversation between human beings.

Chris Sigrist (our key company leader) is the master of this, and so are our clients.

We also talk about the intricacies of being a carpenter, keeping homes clean in the process of renovation, completing projects, making construction more enjoyable, creative improvisation, mastering skills and long-term thinking.

These are long conversations. So, I’ve created notes with time stamps that link to specific topics of interest.

As someone who has deep love for authentic, often older, homes and what can be done with them, it has been an honor to be able to work creatively in both my own homes and in my friends’ homes. I’ve enjoyed these conversations enormously and learned so many things.



The Ripley Beckman Leadership Team

Doug Zink

Founder + Master Carpenter

Chris Sigrist

Company + Project Manager

James Loving

Lead Carpenter
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

``Where we love is home.``